Welcome to the TMKA (Top Marks Kickboxing Academy) Woburn Sands, Milton Keynes. Where we practice Kickboxing and self defence for all the family. Our Academy will:

  • Get you fit
  • Help and continue build confidence
  • Help you learn self control
  • Offer you life skills in self defence
  • Teach you in a family friendly environment

The TMKA syllabus focuses on the style of kickboxing using full contact kicking and boxing techniques in a controlled environment using full protective equipment. You will build your skills within our academy with padwork, sparring and street defence sessions.

Our instructors are highly trained coaches with many years of martial arts experience and all have gained their Black Belts.

As in any sport we need goals to motivate us, so we have a unique 10 belt grading syllabus, beginning at red/white belt through to black belt to help our students focus and achieve their goals. With regular training a black belt can be reached in as little as 4 years with TMKA. We also offer a full calendar of competitions and seminars.

The TMKA is a friendly academy which welcomes all ages and fitness and the opportunity to train in a safe and relaxed environment.

The TMKA is affiliated to the International Combat Organisation (ICO).