About Sensei Mark Featherstone

Sensei Mark Featherstone

Mark Featherstone – Chief Instructor TMKA, 5th Dan Black Belt, 9 National kickboxing titles, World Championship silver medallist, ‘Game of Fight’ International Champion.

CRB enhanced

First Aid qualified.

In 1983 Sensei Mark Featherstone began his journey in martial arts with Dev Barrett. After 33 years of training with a full contact karate system he started the TMKA (Top Marks’ Kickboxing Academy).

The move from karate to kickboxing has been a very natural move for Sensei Mark as he has gained 9 National kickboxing titles and fought in many international competitions.

"I have taught martial arts for the past 25 years and have produced many black belts and tournament champions"

Sensei Mark is the chief instructor of the TMKA and welcomes you to the fantastic martial art of kickboxing.