Welcome to the TMKA (Top Marks Kickboxing Academy), we practice Kickboxing and self defence. Our Academy will get you fit, build confidence, self control and a life skill in self defence. The TMKA syllabus focuses on the style of kickboxing using full contact kicking and boxing techniques in a controlled environment using full protective equipment. You will build your skills within our academy with padwork, sparring and self defence sessions. All classes include warm up/warm down and technical muscle memory improvement.

The TMKA is affiliated to the International Combat Organisation (ICO).

We have a 10 belt grading syllabus, beginning at red/white belt through to black belt. With regular training a black belt can be reached in 4 years with TMKA.

The TMKA is a friendly academy which welcomes all ages and fitness and the opportunity to train with the whole family in our family sessions. We also provide adult classes and one to one sessions.

Classes for all levels

Classes for all level......all ages welcome, we endeavour to fulfil every students aspirations, most achieve this once completing their first lesson as they start their journey to what we at the TMKA are committed to......Martial Arts and self enlightenment ......everyone has to have a 1st lesson.....including Black belts, Sensei's and of course Kickboxing Champions........its the process of dedication and determination within a friendly environment that allows us all to fulfil our aspirations!