About Hanslope Kickboxing

Established in February 2016 and has been growing strong ever since...

Our lessons include Kickboxing, self defence work, keep-fit workouts, circuit training, pad work and sparring at all levels.

So no matter what your age, fitness or experience level you'll be able to join in.

Learn kickboxing, self defence, while getting fit and making friends all in a safe and friendly environment.

Classes will include a warm up and stretching before a mixture of technical line work, defence work and sparring.

Each lesson aims to be different whilst maintaining the TMKA kickboxing syllabus.

So whether you just want to learn to defend yourself, attain a black belt or compete at inter-club or national competitions, we can cater for your martial art needs.

Our venue has parking and toilets. Parents are welcome to stay during the childrens classes.