About Sensei John

His Martial arts experience started back in 1980 where he began the journey initially in Judo and then later on in Ju Jitsu, competing in Local and National competitions all over the country.

In 2005 he passed his Ju jitsu black belt under 'Sensei Chris Pollard' and also competed the same year in 'MMA' under Nick Brown at SSJ winning various Grappling and competitive events.

In the beginning, even as a competent Martial Artist he felt that he needed further coaching in the striking element of his fight game and from that met with 'Mark Featherstone' for the begining of the Kickboxing journey.

John has been training in Kickboxing for over 17 years now and is currently a 1st Dan Black belt- passed in 2013 under 'Sensei Mark Featherstone'.

Now he concentrates on passing on his Martial arts knowledge at the sports Pavillion 'TMKA Broughton' which was founded recently this year!

Pop on down to see him he will be more than happy to speak with you about training.