About Broughton Kickboxing

Have you ever thought about doing a Martial Art but didn't know what to do, where to go and who to see?

We did too!

The new TMKA Broughton was established in January 2017 and joins an already established TMKA fighting system in Milton Keynes.

The club has been growing strongly ever since and pride ourselves on being friendly, open and ready for ALL walks of life, ages, sizes and back grounds. 

Upon speaking with us or just showing up at the club for tester session we will be more than happy to help you on your journey if TMKA is the route that you wish to take.

Our lessons include Kickboxing, self-defense work, keep-fit workouts, circuit training, pad work, sparring at all levels.

So no matter what your fitness or experience level you'll be able to join in.

Our Dojo is clad throughout in wood and has a lovely traditional Martial arts feel making an excellent training environment. Our venues has ample parking, changing areas and toilets. Parents welcome to stay during the children classes as there is plenty of seating for all.

Kickboxing- Effective Kicking and Punching Movements for self defense and sport purposes

Grading- A syllabus and Belt grading system to work from White to Black- Essential for development

Fitness- Cardio/ Circuit Training workouts, a great way to burn fat and stay trim with amazing health benefits

Little Ninjas- From the age of 4 and upwards, children can enroll and enjoy fun and games without the tougher aspects of fighting, whilst subtly learning Kickboxing movements. 

Personal Self Defense Training- Includes Weapon Disarmament, Joint Lock Manipulation, Pressure Points, Threat Assessment, Take down and hold down. * 

Non Contact- We can accommodate those who wish to learn the training and fitness side of the sport without contact should you require it*

* Strictly by appointment only